Pepperpot (Guyanese)
2 lbs. lean beef (cubed)
2 pig trotters (cut into small pieces)
1 cow heel (quartered)
1 lb. pig tail (disjointed)
1 lime
½ cup casareep
2 hot peppers
1 stick cinnamon
3 cloves
2 tbsp. brown sugar
Salt (to taste)

Wash meat with lime juice and set aside.  Boil cow’s heel and pig trotters with enough water to cover meat. When half-cooked (about 1 hour), add other meats and casareep, simmer for an hour. Add remaining ingredients and simmer gently until meats are tender and sauce is thick (about 1 hour). Serve hot with bread or boiled white rice 
Note: Look for casareep in your local Chinese or Caribbean store.